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*(Reasoning Fallacies segment starts at 17:01 mins)

Gain invaluable insight into being able to instantly recognize and call out any person or politician that you suspect of lying.

In this empowering episode of Forward Nation Radio, Professor David Leventhal exposes the Reasoning Fallacies that are most used in today's politics and media coverage, while providing easy to follow examples of each in action.

Reasoning Fallacies are responses used by politicians and others to skirt issues, decrease accountability, and mislead you. In other words, they are used for deceptive purposes. Awareness of them is a powerful tool in being able to spot and address sources of deception.

Additionally, being able to recognize and call-out the Reasoning Fallacies of a flawed opposing argument greatly increases the validity of a fact-based argument. Likewise, doing so is the natural enemy of those who wish to conceal truth.

Intro: Leventhal impersonates Mitch McConnell asking the Koch brothers for billions more to fund Trumpcare efforts.

Featured Topics: Reasoning Fallacies and how to spot them,

In the News: Senate healthcare bill opposition, Opioid epidemic, Supreme Courts decision to hear travel ban case, 5th circuit court of appeals lifting injunction Mississippi’s anti-gay bill, the importance of Government Regulations, Trump's Infrastructure Plan, Lack of fire safety regulations at Grenfall Tower, Republican plan to repeal Dodd Frank, Trump admits to Russia collusion by blaming Obama.

Featured Topic: Reasoning Fallacies - equivocation, red herrings, false equivalence, appeals to questionable authority, oversimplification, post hoc, overstatement, overgeneralization, stereotype, glittering generalities, appeals to emotion, ad hominem, straw person, extension error, ad populum, the perfect as an enemy of the good, wishful thinking, slippery slope

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