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01:22 White House concerned more about leak than staffer Sadler’s crass comment about McCain’s health


04:07 GOP smears of US War Heroes is nothing new -George W. Bush and “swiftboating” campaign in 2004 election


06:19 Betsy DeVos and Education Dept. gutting investigations into fraud activities unit at for-profit colleges


07:50 Sarah the Huckster continues to equivocate on the issues


09:33 Chuck Grassley suggests Supreme Court justices resign before Nov. elections


10:32 Republicans celebrate over US embassy opening in Jerusalem


14:01 At least 60 Palestinians killed by Israeli troops in Gaza; Rise of extremism


15:09 Muqtada Al-Sadr’s victory in Iraq could upset US-Iraq relations


15:50 Trump and the profiting pharmaceutical companies


18:15 Study reveals pot charges in NYC are mostly for Blacks and Hispanics


19:00 Rudy Giuliani and Trump administration engaged in war on truth


24:57 Trump administration demanding Mueller investigation to end


29:15 Trump uses office to enrich himself by vowing to help create jobs for Chinese phone company -and then receives $500 Million from China




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