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This Week’s Discussion:

We talk about how current events, including the longest government shutdown in US history, once again demonstrate the irreplaceable role of government in promoting well-being.  Microsoft offers to donate money to ease the housing crisis in Seattle.  Recent research indicates climate change is accelerating even more rapidly than previously feared, not that this info is shared with anyone. Will the government shutdown ever end and, most egregiously for Trump, will it threaten his State of the Union lie-fest?  How the latest on Russia and other current events indicate what happens when you abdicate governing responsibility and instead simply up your appeal to bigots. Chief Justice Roberts continues to show his colors, the Supreme Court continues to demonstrate its lack of legitimacy, and why won't liberals acknowledge that? The NY State Senate finally begins to show what a true progressive populism should look like, along with LA teachers, while the other half carves up the world in Davos and we again see the vast gulf between the parties and the need for a steeply progressive tax system.  


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