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May 10, 2018  



00:26 Dr. Borntein’s “extraordinary” Trump medical report was unsurprisingly dictated by Donald Trump


03:33 Trump pulls out of Iran nuclear deal without a Plan B, endangering relationship with U.S. Allies


08:08 Israeli spy firm, Black Cube, launched smear campaign against former Obama administration officials to discredit Iran deal


17:39 New Yorkers petition to remove tainted Trump name from properties


18:40 Neoconservatives are back! More on Gina Haspel’s questioning and her equivocation


24:51 Oliver North named new president of NRA despite criminal past in the Iran-Contra scandal during the Reagan era


27:25 Sad goodbye to Don Blankenship after losing in West Virginia primary but he’s celebrating end of parole


29:21 Sex and Power: Sexual misconduct claims revealed against Eric Schneiderman and sexual deviance from the Incel movement



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