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This Week’s Discussion:

We talk about the longest government shutdown in US history, and how it is enabled by a President and political party that cannot feel empathy and care not a whit for the people they are hurting.  Trump's "the only thing we have to fear is not enough fear" speech, and how the facts continue to argue against the bigotry espoused by the President and his minions. The confirmation hearings for Attorney General designed William Barr, and why haven't a tyrant-enabler at US chief law enforcement officer may not be such a good idea with a tyrant-wannabee President. The latest bombshells on Trump's collusion with Russia, and the fact that we are having to ask ourselves if, or maybe to what extent, the President of the United States is an agent of a hostile foreign power.  What should be done as the evidence continues to mount that the President is a criminal, that he assumed power through criminal behavior, and that he is not seeking to promote the interests of the country? 


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