Forward Nation Radio New podcast - Forward Nation Radio is a progressive political talk show with host, David Leventhal

00:27 Intro – Praising Trump, stock market crash


03:33 Trump’s SOTU aim for bipartisanship is in fact partisan


07:52 Where democracy has failed, pseudo-democracy has taken its place OR Democracy in the U.S. has lost its meaning


12:44 GOP’s memo is now about “Fairness and Accountability” in U.S. Intelligence Agencies


17:48 Rand Paul equivocates on Colbert to defend Trump


22:14 Russian Twitter bots are smarter than you think


25:20 Resisting Trump’s incompetence by use of ridicule


27:28 Republican Congress members continue to disavow a thorough investigation involving Russia’s powerful influence on our election


29:19 Paul Ryan’s disconnect with reality displayed in a single tweet about tax cuts



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