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00:26 Intro- Fox News analyst, Ralph Peters’ departure from the “propaganda machine”


01:03 March of Our Lives 2018 rally turnout around the world including FNR’s interviews


02:12 Citigroup is now imposing restrictions on gun sales


04:52 As a result of gerrymandering, researchers project that Democrats will have to win by 11 percent to take back the House


06:14 Trump’s plan to put citizenship question back on U.S. census is likely to cause an undercount


07:30 Voter suppression efforts continue, prisoners used for gerrymandering, Kris Kobach


09:02 Attack on journalism from Rodrigo Duterte and President Trump


12:06 Stormy Daniels’ word against Donald Trump’s following 60 Minutes interview


16:00 U.S. Pushes NAFTA, in talks with Canada and Mexico, to Limit Junk Food Warning Labels


16:30 John Bolton, the new NSA warmonger, and his mustache


19:58 John Dowd suggested potential pardons for Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort


22:21 Mueller’s court filing confirms that Rick Gates had ties with known Russian spy during 2016 election


26:49 United Arab Emirates urged Trump to fire Rex Tillerson for not supporting UAE in Qatar dispute


28:25 House spending bill goes against Trump’s proposed cuts but signs it anyway



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