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Intro Skit: Trump Claims Fire & Fury against North Korea, then privately begs Kim Jong-un for a "win."


5:24 Great and glorious leader Trump is on vacation

6:25 Trump’s Propaganda document (delivered twice a day by staff)

7:09 Trump vs. North Korea (Fire and Fury)

10:07 White House getting upgraded

10:39 Trump signs Russia sanctions bill

13:04 Russia announces expelling 755 U.S. personnel (diplomats)

14:50 Positives of Immigration (let’s talk honestly about it)

15:24 Scientists can change embryos to remove diseases/defects

16:34 U.S. experiencing effects of climate change (draft report leaked to New York Times by scientists from federal government agencies)


THEME: Response to an email from a Former Student

Classic Reasoning Fallacies Exposed –The pitfalls of playing “both sides” in order to appear moderate.

18:15 Email from former student (right-leaning perspective)

20:41 Blatant Over-Simplification (reasoning fallacy)

21:33 Extension Error (reasoning fallacy)

25:50 ONE AMERICA NEWS Exposed -called out for pretending to be neutral

26:08 Forward Nation Radio exists because of fake objectivity on the right and their extremism

27:10 David’s response to former student’s email

28:50 Equivocation and false equivalence (reasoning fallacies)

35:50 The Rights’ tendency to follow cults (Trump, Reagan)

38:44 Hyde Amendment and abortion (1976)


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