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August 3, 2017  

*Intro Skit : Teacher uses actual quotes from the Trump administration last week to teach her young students. Listener discretion is advised. 

(Due to video text, audio starts at 15 secs)

Trump writes son’s false letter on meeting, Russian collusion case now shows clear examples of obstruction of justice, Fox News and Wikileaks spins the story of Seth Rich (tragically murdered several months ago) to divert attention from Russia meddling in election, Trump unloads on Jeff Sessions, Trump contemplates the “political suicide” of firing Robert Mueller vs being criminally prosecuted, Scaramucci in –Scaramuchi out,  Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly tries on a new role as Chief of Staff to try to bring “Order” to the west wing, Health Care Bill dies in a close vote (John McCain tasked with decisive vote), unsubstantiated sums of money surrounds the Wisconsin plant opening of Foxconn (once voted the company with the highest rates of employee suicide) politicized to give the appearance of the return of jobs in America, following nuclear orders from the commander in chief, the presidency and Israel (buyer’s remorse), embracing autocrats and repelling western democratic allies, nepotism in the administration (banana republic), gutting of the voting rights act, Russian hacking/trolling (U.S. and abroad), Trump gets a supreme court pick in by violating the constitution, promoting interests of white supremacy, and more.

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