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00:44 Solar Eclipse

01:27 Steve Bannon out

03:45 Steven Schwarzman pounding in the final nail of the business council

05:07 Trump flirts with pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio

06:16 Sen. Bob Corker Questions Trump’s Stability

07:45 Republicans have created a monster they can’t control

09:15 ACLU supports Free Speech to the extreme

11:16 Dog-Whistles to racists

12:45 Trump has gone back on his anti-Afghanistan war promises

14:15 Studies on the effects of mountaintop removal mining halted by Interior Department

16:39 Massive Media deregulation (benefits Sinclair Broadcast Group)

17:11 Ukrainian Hacker semi-responsible for Russian hack-attacks has been helping FBI



17:48 How difficult is it to be a white male in America today?

21:27 Loving (movie) and the Loving v. Virginia case, Anti-miscegenation laws in southern states  

23:01 Southern Strategy

25:16 Rise of Affirmative Action Policies in the 1960s

35:00 Story of wealth and race


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