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December 28, 2017  


00:25 “The War on Christmas” v. the War on the Middle/Working Class

02:27 EPA to become more lenient on polluters  

04:30 Trump Administration proposes reduction in restaurant workers’ tips

06:00 “I’ll be gone, you’ll be gone (IBGYBG)” concept behind the Tax Plan scam

10:29 Trump lied repeatedly about Tax Plan being “the biggest ever”

14:12 Dirty Tricks: The recent rise of dirty sting tactics used by right wing propagandists designed to provoke outrage

21:48 USA Today –“Trump isn’t fit to clean the toilets in the Barack Obama Presidential Library”

22:59 New Republican strategy to discredit Mueller, the FBI, Flynn, and anyone who has evidence against Trump in Russian Collusion case   



27:13 Year in Review -2017

38:00 Emergence and growth of The Resistance movement


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