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December 7, 2017  

01:13 Rex Tillerson gets the cold shoulder during his visit to Europe.

05:40 Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, isolating U.S. from the world

09:18 Russian collusion case: Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the F.B.I

12:26 Trump’s infamous tweet proves awareness of his obstruction of justice

13:30 GOP supports Roy Moore who is confused on whether gays should be executed

18:34 Sanders calls for a bigger tent

21:32 Interview with NYPIRG’s Tom Wendol – The impact of an impending Williams Pipeline in New York City and what you can do to stop it

28:27 GOP gives Dems two hours to read 500 pages with illegible hand written alterations, pushes Senate tax bill through just before 2:00 am

32:48 Joint Committee on Taxation proves that the tax bill primarily benefits the wealthy


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