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January 4, 2018  


00:26 New year, same right-wing agenda

02:25 Republican Tax Plan – “the Fleecing of America” and the mainstream media’s reluctance to call it out

05:02 Orrin Hatch announces retirement, Mitt Romney likely to pursue vacancy

07:28 Trump claims responsibility for keeping America safe from air disasters in 2017

08:07 Blue states to fight back against disproportionate demands of Tax Plan with tax avoidance on behalf of their citizens

10:00 The gift of credible news sources for family and friends in 2018

11:43 Sexual harassment – the need for credibility and accountability

18:37 As the United States withdraws from the world stage, other nations move on

21:37 Republicans brace for Blue Wave in 2018

22:40 Choosing party over the United States, many Republicans attempt to discredit the Mueller investigation

26:40 Steve Bannon calls administration’s Trump Tower meeting with Russians an act of treason


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