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February 1, 2018  

00:00 Intro Satire– The presidential qualities of people who read good


05:21 Putting the subtle and not so subtle inaccuracies of Trump’s State of the Union Speech on BLAST    


13:22 “There’s basically no way the president is going to talk to Robert Mueller”


18:42 The FBI purge: Trump and GOP’s “massive assault on U.S. intelligence agencies”  


23:33 The Stormy Daniels payoff inadvertently exposes numerous global money laundering schemes


25:52 With Trump’s obstruction violations documented, evidence of intent now comes into focus


28:35 Release the Memo: Devon Nunes “cherry picked anything that might possibly look bad [against FBI] when taken out of context”


31:57 Bumper sticker politics, immigration, and racism



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