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March 1, 2018  



0:00 INTRO Skit –Trump’s Teachers Be Packin’ program arrives early


2:04 Supreme Court justices reject Trump’s appeal over DACA program


4:34 Gen Z tackles the NRA and lead us to gun control legislation?


5:34 Sheeple Marco Rubio loosens stance during gun debate


10:32 Trump’s empathy cheat-sheet at shooting survivors meeting at White House


11:51 NRA and Trump’s solution to mass shootings: more guns


22:35 List of big businesses boycotting NRA grows


24:55 Jared Kushner’s high-level security clearance fiasco


27:10 Paul Manafort, Russian mobsters, and Rick Gates


29:08 Democrats Rebuttal to Republican FISA Memo


31:10 Trump is “too busy” to speak to special counsel Bob Mueller



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